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ᐈ 9apps App Store, what is it and how to Get it

9apps has been around for quite some time, since its launch dates back to 2013 and is mainly focused on apps and games, but it also allows access to content such as all kind of videos and albums created by users, top sales and also a wide variety of stickers.

It is not available in Spanish since it most of people who access 9apps are from Asia, and especially from India. Which explains the majority of playful content such as stickers that are intended for them, and also the majority of videos are presented by people who are famous in said country.

The parallel path that Android offer us to install apps on very different ways is probably one of the best features of said operative system, not being forced to use the Google Play Store is a huge advantage for both users and developers.


Just like in any other app store, at 9apps you will find a lot of apps and games of all kinds. Many of them are conventional, although others are totally meant for the Asian market.

As soon as you install the 9apps application on your mobile device, you will see how the program generates a list of 30 recommended apps for you. You can install that list of apps with just a single tap and it is basically a selection of the best applications that you can find in aApps.

The main screen looks very similar to what we can find in any other store. But additionally we also find the tab dedicated to games, apps and mixed content. Finally, there are the application settings, which are found within the Tools tab.


If you do not know many languages, then 9apps is not for you since this application is not available in Spanish because it is not meant for our market, nevertheless, if you are one of those who understands the basics of English, you will not have problems with it since this is the default language.

In addition to English, it also brings other languages ​​such as Indonesian, Indian, and a couple more. To change the language, go to the Tools tab, select Settings and simply change the language.

On this tab you can also modify the behavior of notifications, change the subject, set the maximum number of applications to download at the same time, among others.

9apps also lets you know when a new version of an app is available and through the Settings, it is possible to establish that the 9apps application itself updates apps automatically and receive notifications.

Download the 9apps apk ON your android smartphone to find a whole catalog of APPS and games

You will be able to find the 9apps Apk on secure and trust worthy sites such as UpToDown or ApkPure.

Keep in mind that in order to install 9apps for the first time you will have to give unknown origins permissions to your Android smarthpone. Once you have installed the 9apps Apk, you can install the applications in the normal way, just like if you were using the Google Play Store.

When there is a 9apps update you will see a message like the one in the picture below and by simply tapping on Update Now the application will be updated to the latest version.


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