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ᐈ Android error code 98, SMS Termination Denied: How to fix it?

The Android operating system is a common yet very popular software, since it is not only constantly reviewed and supervised in order to get new developments or content, but it also improves the performance and default configurations of the mobile device when available.

That is why its proper functioning is crucial to get the most out of our Android mobile devices. Nevertheless, sometimes even a very solid operating system such as Android can cause error codes to appear, and we are always looking for the most common and easier solution.

These are almost always solved by using the options included inside the operating system itself, which avoids the annoying need to the user of requiring a third-party app services in order to fix them.

For some time now Android has had an annoying error code in its SMS sending system, something that has gained the attention of several well-known blogs to see if a solution for this problem can be found and solve it once and for all.

The problem consists on some messages being sent to another recipient instead of the one we have selected without us realizing it, as long as certain conditions are met. This particular error has also been found within the Android Gingerbread version and this is a very curious thing about all since the error has been known since June 28, 2010.

At first some users were somewhat annoyed since apparently the error had been marked only as “Medium” priority in Android’s error reporting system, and many people have already complained while inciting people to vote on this report so that it is given higher priority and can be fixed as soon as possible.

Some of the reasons for this error to happen might be:

  • Service Outage: In some cases, this error is caused due to a service outage on the carrier’s end. This could happen because of maintenance break or due to other reasons. It is never a bad idea to get in touch with the customer support and make an inquiry about it.
  • Glitch: This error can also be caused due to a glitch within the Android mobile device. During startup, the mobile might get glitched and not load the sim card properly.
  • Improper Sim Installation: The sim card might not have been properly installed by its user while inserting it inside the Sim Tray. If the Sim Card is either partially connecting with the Tray or is partially disconnected, this error might be triggered.
  • Outdated Phone: If an update has been released for your Android mobile device and the phone is not working properly, this could be the reason for the error to be triggered due to an outdated phone system.

Try restarting the android mobile device


  • Press and hold the power button, then tap on the Power Off option and wait for the device to be turned off.
  • Press and hold the power button again. Wait for the phone to turn on and check if the problem persists.

Check if there is any system update available for your device


  • Open the Settings menu on the Android device, then scroll down until you see the System tab and tap on it.
  • Select the Software Update option and then tap the Check for Updates button.
  • Wait for the phone to automatically check, if there is any system update available, download and install it.
  • Restart the Android mobile device and check if the problem persists after the new update has been installed.

Try to re-install the sim card


  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Take out the Sim Tray using the Sim Ejector Tool, which normally comes along the mobile device.
  • Remove the Sim card from the Sim Tray and rub it smoothly on a clean cloth. Then reinsert the Sim card and turn on the device, check if the problem still persists.

If none of the aforementioned methods have worked for you, try to use the Reimage Repair Tool which can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. This method usually works when the problem is originated due to a corruption within the system. Reimage Repair Tool will also optimize your system to obtain a better performance.

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