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Check your connection and try again on Google Play Store, what is it and how to fix

If you are an Android user, it is almost certain that every now and then you enter into the Google Play Store, wait a good amount of time for it to connect and finally gives you the error “Check your connection and try again”.

For some people it is a simple error, which is quickly fixed and may be due to several factors. But there are other users who are constantly suffering from this error and cannot enter the Google Play Store normally or even update it.

Errors on Google Play Store are very common and pretty much inevitable, these errors are caused by several factors and make us unable to download apps or update those we already have like we mentioned earlier.

If you are one of those who unfortunately suffer from this, here are some methods to help you out:

Try to delete the cache or data of the google play store app and google services framework


When an application is not working as it should or it won’t open, one of the recommended actions is to clear the cache. In the particular case of the Google Play Store it is something that usually works and ends the error that does not allow the user to enter, you just have to simply stop the app and delete its cache or data.

To do this you have to go into the Settings menu, search for the Apps tab, select that option and tap on the All section at the top to show a list of all the applications that the mobile currently has installed.

Now search and try to find the Google Play Store app, tap on it and then select the Clear Cache or Clear Data option. The last one also eliminates the cache.

Once you have done this, search for the Google Play Services app and Google Services Framework and clear their respective cache and data, just like you did with the Google Play Store app.

Now restart the Android mobile device and you should be able to access the Google Play Store without any problems.

Check your google play store in-app settings


All of the Android smartphones have an option that allows you to choose the timing for all of your apps to be updated. In it we can choose to do it when the mobile is connected to a network, either Wi-Fi or data from a respective carrier, or only when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network so that the data plan we are currently using won’t be wasted each time an app releases an update.

You must pay attention to it and consider it seriously, since Google Play may need to be updated many times during the same week, therefore it is important to configure the mobile device to perform updates only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Remove and add again your google account


If the previous methods did not work, this is the next one you should try. When “refreshing” your Google account, you are basically deleting all of your personal data from the mobile device, including messages and phone records.

In order to do this you have to go into the Settings menu, look for the Accounts option and tap on it. Now search for Google, select it and then tap on the More option in the upper right corner to open the Synchronize and Delete Account options.

After removing it, you do not need to execute a restart on the mobile device in order to be able to enter the Google Play Store. To add your Google account again you must go back into the Settings menu, tap on the Accounts option and re-enter it from there.

You can follow the official instructions from Google, which are valid for a large number of Android mobile devices with older operating system versions.

Reinstall the google play store app


This method is the last one on the list and cannot be done with an ordinary Android mobile device, but if you have “rooted” or hacked your device, then it is possible for you to uninstall either the Google Play Services or the Google Play Store app and install it again by downloading a more updated or older version than the one you currently have, which in theory would once for all solve this problem.

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