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✺ Download and Install ᐈ Paytm app for PC

If you are a Paytm application user, that means that you have already had the opportunity to know and enjoy the advantages that this platform offers in everything related to payment and booking of services. All this, having its options through your Android or iOS smartphone.

However, it is likely that on some occasions you have felt the need to use Paytm from your PC, even though you are aware that it does not have an official version to be used on this platform.

Don’t worry, here we bring you a solution with which you can get Paytm app for PC and access its options in the same way as if you were doing it from a smartphone.

What is Paytm?

It is a website where you can carry out e-commerce operations related to a wide variety of services such as banking, shopping, ticket reservation, bill payment, mobile top-up, among others.

Origin of Paytm

Founded in August 2010, Paytm started as a platform to provide credit recharge services to mobile phones. Later other services were added such as postpaid mobiles, fixed lines and data card bill payment.

The arrival of 2014 brought to Paytm the implementation of the Paytm Wallet, modality that was adopted by Indian Railways and Uber to process the payment of their services.

This is how Paytm entered the e-commerce market by providing its users with online offers, complemented by the sale of bus tickets.

In 2015 Paytm would expand its operations to other sectors to allow payment of education fees and basic services such as water, gas, electricity, as well as subway recharges.

Over time, Paytm’s user base would grow from 11.8 million in August 2014 to 350 million in 2019, also becoming the first payment application in India to exceed 100 million downloads, an achievement reached in 2017.

It was in this year that Paytm launched Paytm Gold, a feature that gave users the opportunity to purchase pure gold online.

In addition, Paytm launched Paytm Payments Bank, along with a messaging section called Inbox, designed to allow users to make payments from the chat.

In 2018 Paytm implemented Paytm For Business, which was later renamed the Business with Paytm App, a tool aimed at merchants.

Through a partnership with Citibank in May 2019, Paytm entered the credit card industry by launching its own credit card.

Benefits of using Paytm

  • As a Paytm user, there are many benefits obtained from the services offered by this platform. Among the most important are:
  • Speed and security in your transactions.
  • Each of the operations can be carried out without using a credit or debit card, thus reducing the chances of being a victim of fraud.
  • Possibility of returning the money to the same bank at the moment the user requires it.
  • Possibility of transferring your Paytm balance to your bank account with a 2.04% commission
  • Simplicity in the process of updating the limit of the payment wallet.
  • Wide margin in the limit of the wallet for both KYC clients (25k) and non-clients (20k).
  • Easy to get refund automatically.
  • Deposit money in the bank with nominal charges (currently 2.04%)

How to use the Paytm application on the PC?

As an application, Paytm is only available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. For desktop and laptop operating systems such as Windows and Mac, Paytm has not yet made available a specific version to be installed on these platforms.

To download Paytm App on the PC it is necessary to use a special tool known as an emulator with which to simulate the Android environment, either on the desktop or laptop.

In this sense, Bluestacks is one of the most popular Android emulators, being available to be installed in both Windows and Mac.

With Bluestacks you will be able to use Paytm App on the PC, as well as other applications of your preference with total comfort, just as if you were using a smartphone.

Download Paytm for PC using Bluestacks

The first thing you will have to do is go to the Bluestacks official site and click on the download button there to get the emulator installation file on your desktop or laptop.

After finishing the download, click on it to start the installation process of Bluestacks emulator in your desktop or laptop.

After completing the installation of Bluestacks you will see the icon of the program on your computer desktop on which you must click to access its interface.

When the main screen of Bluestacks has loaded completely you will notice that there are some default applications, among them, Google Play Store.

By clicking on the Google Play Store icon, you will be able to access the application catalog, although, first, you will have to enter your Google account data to attach the data associated with it and Google Play Store.

After successfully completing the synchronization process, your next task will be to download Paytm App for PC from the Google play store.

Simply go to the Play Store, enter the application name in the search bar, in this case Paytm, and press the magnifying glass icon next to it to start the application search.

Once found, you must click on the Install button located next to the Paytm icon to start the installation process in the emulator.

After completing the download successfully, you will see the Paytm application icon on the main screen of the Bluestacks Android emulator. When you download Paytm App on your PC, you will be able to continue enjoying the offers and services that this platform has to offer, whether you have a Windows or Mac computer.

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