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ᐈ Download Google Play Store on Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet

Within the tablet market, one of the most recognized brands has been without a doubt Amazon, which has offered its users a wide variety of models at affordable prices, which are an ideal medium for those who want to surf the web, enjoy multimedia content or play games with little graphic demand.

However, as far as software is concerned, Kindle Fire runs the Fire OS, a derivation of Android that, while retaining much of the elements that make up this system, it has been focused primarily to support Amazon’s services.

That is why the Google Play Store is not included by default, having instead the Amazon Appstore, which, although it has many applications, lacks the versatility that Google’s Play Store has.

For this reason, if you want to get the benefits offered by the official Google App Store, then continue reading the following post to learn how to download the Google Play Store on the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.

download google play store on amazon kindle fire tablet

Download Google Play Store for Kindle Fire. What do you need?

First of all, please note that all the instructions explained in this post are only applicable to downloading the Google Play Store on Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

As for previous models of tablets Fire, at the time of installation of Google Play Store, they required a Windows computer and the use of a wizard called ADB to facilitate the procedure.

Thanks to later implementations the only thing needed to download Google Play Store in Kindle Fire is currently the download and installation of 4 packages available in APK files, which will serve to perform the procedure without any problem.

Specifically, these are the items you will need to download and install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire:

  • APK files corresponding to Google Account Manager, Google Play Services, Google Services Framework and, finally, Google Play Store.
  • A Google Account that you will need to sign in to in order to access Google Play Store applications when you start the application.
  • A Kindle Fire Tablet running Fire OS 5.

Before applying the steps to download Play Store on Kindle Fire, it’s a good idea to know what model of Fire Tablet you have, because depending on the age of the device, the type of APK files to download may vary.

To check this information, just go to Settings and click on Device Options, where you will select the Device Model option.

For the development of this post we have taken into account the years of release of each tablet, in order to provide you with the appropriate APK files for your Kindle Fire model so, if you need help to know the year of release of your Tablet, you can go to the Device Specifications page for Amazon tablets.

Download Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire: Enable applications from unknown sources

As a preamble to the procedure for downloading Google Play Store on Kindle Fire, you will need to enable the download of applications from unknown sources so that your device system will allow the installation of applications that do not belong to the Amazon Appstore.

To do this, you will need to enter the settings section by moving your finger over the screen from the top to display the notification tray where the Settings icon will appear.

Once this has been done, a screen with a series of options will be displayed, of which you will have to press on the one with the name of Personal and then on Security and Privacy.

Within the options present there, click on Advanced, which will take you to another screen where you can see an option called Applications from unknown sources.

This option will be shown with a text message “Allow installation of applications not from the Appstore” which you must accept.

Download Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire: Download the APKs

At this stage you should take into consideration that unlike a standard Android Tablet in which the installation of applications outside the Play Store only requires the installation of the APK file, in a Kindle Fire Tablet the process is different, because its system does not have the Google Play Services application installed by default.

In this regard, the absence of this application means that any application that is downloaded from the Play Store cannot be run on the Kindle Fire, also making it impossible for services such as Gmail or Google Maps that depend on Google Play Services to perform authentication tasks.

This is why it is necessary to download 4 APK files that integrate the whole Google Play Store service package, being that, 3 of these files are essential for the execution of Google Play Store in your device.

Google Account Manager

At this stage the first application you’ll need to download is Google Account Manager, but since Amazon has updated the Android version of the latest Amazon tablet models, you’ll need to consider the following:

If you have a Kindle Fire HD 8 purchased after October 2018, a Fire 7 purchased after June 2019, or a Fire HD 10 purchased during or after November 2019, then you will have a device running Android 6.0 or higher, and we recommend downloading Google Account Manager version 7.2 which corresponds to the most recent version of this application.

In case you have a Kindle Fire Tablet purchased before the dates mentioned in the previous section then the system that will be running will be Android 5.0 for which you will have to download the Google Account Manager version 5.1-1743759.

Click on the red download button to start downloading the APK file. This will generate a download warning, which you will have to accept in order to advance with the procedure.

After the download is complete, a message will appear in your device’s notification tray indicating that the APK file is now stored on your device and ready to be executed. Do not open it and keep it on hold until the next step is completed.

Google Service Framework

The next APK file in the list for download is the Google Service Framework, which, just like the Google Account Manager APK, you must select the one that corresponds to the system version of your Kindle Fire.

However, taking into account that the Google framework is oriented to various versions of Android, it is recommended that you download in this case the version 5.1-1743759

Google Play Services

Continuing is Google Play Services, whose APK file is available in two versions depending on the type of Kindle you have:

In case you have a Fire 7, Fire HD 8 or 10 you must download this version, which will also be useful if you have purchased a Fire HD 8 or 10 from 2016.

If you have a Tablet Fire 7 with a 32-bit processor purchased in June 2019, you must download this version.

Finally, download the Google Play Store APK file so you will have the set of files required to download Google Play Store in the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Download Google Play Store on Amazon Tablet Kindle Fire: Install APK files

Now that all the APK files have been downloaded to your Kindle Fire device, the first thing you’ll need to do is open your device’s notification tray, where you’ll see the following downloaded APK files in order:

  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Account Manager

Start the installation process for each one by starting with the APK file for Google Account Manager, which you will need to click to execute. Then click on Next and then on Install.

Once the procedure is completed, repeat these same steps with the remaining APK files, following the download order in which, once the installation is completed, a message will appear on the screen indicating that the installation has been completed.

In the case of Google Play Services and Google Play Store, an option will appear inviting you to open the application, but you must ignore it and click on the Done button.

It should be noted that for both Google Play Services and Google Play Store APK files, the installation time may be longer, because they are applications that contain a large number of files and elements necessary for their operation.

Download Google Play Store on Amazon Tablet Kindle Fire: Reboot and access Google Play

When the installation of the 4 APK files on your Kindle Fire Tablet is complete, you will need to reboot your device to complete the process and allow the system to accept the changes.

To do this, press and hold the power button on your device until an on-screen message is displayed confirming that you want to restart your Tablet.

After the system has finished loading and the main applications screen is displayed, you’re ready to open the Google Play Store and perform your setup. There, you’ll need to enter your Google Account information to validate it and access the applications in the store to download and install them on your device.

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