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✺ Download Google Play Store on Chinese Huawei

Despite the sanctions imposed by the United States, Huawei remains one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in China.

This brand has long been established as one of the most effective in providing its users with high-quality mobile devices, although these are no longer distributed in U.S. territory, they still enjoy the prestige of being one of the best in the market.

One of the consequences generated by the commercial rupture between Huawei and the United States was the withdrawal of Google’s services from Huawei’s software, which caused the company to have to develop its own web browser, as well as social networking sites, among others.

That is why, those users who have purchased a Huawei device from China, will not find included by default Google services such as Play Store, Gmail, Google calendar, Google Play Services, Google Chrome and other related.

download google play store on chinese huawei

However, there is a solution for this, which is offered in the following post where you will learn how to download Google Play Store for Chinese Huawei.

It should be noted that the methods explained here can be applied to the Chinese devices of Huawei in their versions Huawei P30 Pro, Nova 4, P0 Pro, Honor 10 Lite, Honor Magic, Honor View 20, Mate 20 Pro, Honor 8X among others.

How to download and install Google Play Store on Huawei Chinese phones?

When downloading Play Store in Huawei, there are 3 ways to do this with instructions that are easy to follow:

Method 1: Download Google Play Store in Chinese Huawei through an APK file

Go to the main screen of your Chinese Huawei device.

Once there, locate the Settings application and click on it to access.

Within this screen select the Advanced Settings option.

On this screen you will find a set of options, of which, you must click on the one that says Security and on it click on the option Enable installation of unknown sources to activate it and allow the installation of applications outside the Play Store.

This will cause a notification to appear with the message “This type of file may damage your device“, which you will have to click on the OK button to continue.

Then, you should proceed to download the following APK files to your Huawei device:

Google Account Manager

Google Play Services

Google Services Framework

Google Play Store

After having finished downloading each file, the next step is to install them one by one.

When the installation process of these files is finished, you will see the Google Play Store logo on the main screen, which you will have to click on to start its interface.

Before accessing the store, you must sign in by entering your Google account data to have the opportunity to download and install the applications on your Chinese Huawei device. If you do not have a Google account, you will need to create one in order to access the Play Store.

Once the sync is complete, you’re ready to download the applications you need to your Chinese Huawei device.

Method 2: Download Google Play Store in Chinese Huawei through GSM Installer

Go to the screen of your Huawei device and click on the Settings logo to access its options.

Once inside click on the Advanced Settings option.

Within the options present there click on the one with the name Security and then click on the option “Enable installation from unknown sources“.

This will cause a message to appear on the screen indicating that the file may damage your device, but, in spite of that, you should ignore it and press OK to advance with the procedure.

The next thing you will need to do is download the APK file corresponding to the GSM Installer on your EMUI device.

After downloading the GSM Installer, proceed to download the Google Play Store APK file to your Huawei mobile device.

Once the download is finished, locate the APK file and click on it to run it and start the Google Play Store installation process following the instructions on the screen.

Once the installation process is complete, you will notice the Google Play Store logo on the main screen of your Huawei device. Click on it to enter its interface.

As part of the store’s preparation process, you’ll need to enter your Google account information to sign in and allow access to the applications available there for download.

By doing this you will have learned how to download Play Store in Chinese Huawei with GSM Installer.

Method 3: Download Google Play Store in Chinese Huawei through Google Installer

Those users who choose to download Google Play Store in Huawei with this method should obtain the APK file corresponding to the Google Installer and then adjust the settings of this application to allow the installation of Google Play Store.

This procedure is explained in the following steps:

Download the Google Installer and Google Play Store APK files from your Huawei device.

When these files have been downloaded, do not click on them yet to start the installation process without first making sure you have enabled the Enable installation from unknown sources option on your device.

Once this is done, use the file manager of your Huawei device to locate the Google Installer APK file.

When you have found it, click on it to start the installation and follow the instructions on the screen.

After finishing the installation, open it and when the main screen is ready you will see a big blue circle, which you will have to click on.

After this, click on the yellow circle.

Once this is done, you must proceed with the installation of the Google Services Framework APK file in your Huawei device.

Press the red button and then accept the terms and permissions required to allow the installation.

Then, locate the Google Play Store APK file and click on it to start the installation, which, after being finished, you will have to check its functioning by opening its interface.

Previously, you will have to enter the data associated with your Google account in order to sign in and access the applications available there.

All these methods will allow you to download Google Play Store in Huawei. It’s just a matter of choosing the one that’s easiest for you to use, depending on the model of device you have.

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