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ᐈ Error 501 on Google Play Store, Meaning and How to fix it

Errors on Google Play Store are inevitable, despite the stability offered by the Android operative system. These situations pop up as error codes and make us unable to download new apps or even update those we already have.

Some Android Users may get the error 501 while trying to either download or update an app from Google Play Store. This error message contains the following: ‘“App name” cannot be installed. Try again and if the problem continues get help troubleshooting (Error code: 501)’.

Due to this error, Google Play Store Android users wont be able to install, download or even update any of their apps and games in their phones.

So, if you are unable to open the Google Play Store or perform downloads, then surely you have the 501 error. Here are some useful tips to fix the error 501 on Google Play Store.

Download one app at A time

Those users who have restored their phones to the factory configuration must download all of the apps once again. Generally speaking, these Android users tend to download many applications at a time to save some time.

However, this method could cause the error 501 of the Google Play Store. The most simple solution to fix this problem is download apps one by one.

Fix problems associated with the Google Play Store

If the previous solution isn’t suitable, you should try this method instead. In some cases, Google Play Store can show problems related with its functionality after an update. Some of the updates can cause compatibility problems with the phone’s operative system. If you get the error 501 after an update, this is what you should do.

The solution to this problem is simply uninstall the installed update. If the problem is directly related with the update, the uninstall would be effective enough to solve said problem.

If you want to know how to uninstall the Google Play Store Updates, all you need to know is this:

error 501 on google play store, meaning and how to fix it

  • Go to the Options menu and select the Application Manager tab.
  • Then, select the All tab and search for Google Play Store.
  • Now, tap the Force Stop option.
  • Tap on Clear Data.
  • Tap on Uninstall Updates.
  • After completing all of these steps, you have to reboot your device.
  • Now, try to install or update any app through the Google Play Store to see if it works.

Get the Google Play Services update

If both of the previously mentioned methods don’t seem to work, try this one. Sometimes, the error 501 of Google Play Store can happen due to the Google Play Services being outdated. An outdated Google Play Services app can be incompatible with some of the latest versions of many apps and games, and that can be really annoying at times.

However, this problem can be easily solved by making use of a simple strategy. The best solution to fix this problem is to update the Google Play Services app. You will need to uninstall the current Google Play Services app and install it again. If you need a step by step orientation, here it is:

Go to the Options menu and select the Application Manager tab. Select the All tab and search for Google Play Services, then tap on Install Update.


Try to solve the error 501 of the Google Play Store deleting the app’s cache

In some cases, the cache of some Google Play Store apps can be the cause of the problem. Therefore, if none of the previous methods worked so far, try this one. Here is the explanation of the process to delete the app’s cache:

  • Go to the Options menu and select the Applications tab.
  • Search for the All tab.
  • Now you can find the Google Play Store app, tap on it, then select Clear Data.

These simple steps will allow you to delete the Google App’s cache and let the application to work without any problem. If the error 501 of the Google Play Store was due to a cache related issue, this is the solution. Now you will be able to install or update any app through the Google Play Services app.

If you are a custom rom user

Have you updated a custom ROM in the Android device? If so, the possibilities of getting the error 501 of Google Play Store are higher for you. When the device has a custom ROM, all of the incompatible apps installed in your device can cause several problems.

Being error 501 of Google Play Store the most common of them. The solution for this problem is to update the operative system again. If the problems were caused by a low quality custom ROM, this method should be able to solve it.

Nevertheless, if you would like to avoid more problems related with the custom ROM, you should consider using a GAPP. Let’s see how to update the Android operative system to its original version.

  • First of all, you must completely turn off the device. You can also remove the battery.
  • Once the phone is turned off, be sure to press the start and both volume buttons simultaneously.
  • You will see an option called Wipe cache partition You can scroll up and down to move through the screen. To confirm the selected option, you must tap on Start.
  • This process will simply restore the device and delete the cache partition.

It should solve the error 501 of the Google Play Store. If this particular option does not work, you will have to do a factory reset. This means setting up your whole device again. You will need to get and try a different custom ROM along with a new GAPPS package in order to set up your device.

To perform this, all you have to do is go back to the recovery mode and continue the process with new zip files. This method will fix the error 501 of the Google Play Store once for all and make you able to use the Google Play Services with a more fluid functionality.

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