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✺ How to fix Google Play Store error 907

There is no doubt that when it comes to downloading applications, the Google Play Store is the catalogue par excellence, as it provides Android users with the opportunity to access a wide variety of applications for download and equip their device with all kinds of tools.

However, there are times when this process is altered by a series of anomalies typical of Google Play Store. One of them is error 907 which prevents us from downloading or updating an application.

Find out which are the causes that provoke its appearance, as well as the different alternatives that exist to fix Google Play Store error 907.

Google Play Store error 907 causes

When determining the causes that provoke the appearance of error 907 of Google Play Store, one that is generally attributed to this problem is the update of the cache or the play store.

how to fix google play store error 907

However, this does not represent the only factor that directly affects this error since, in addition to this, there are other causes, such as

  • Corrupt data and cache.
  • Failures in the process of updating the play store
  • Misconfiguration of the time, date or region of the device.
  • Lack of response or corruption in the Downloader app data.

How to fix Google Play Store error 907?

Before showing in detail the different alternatives to fix Google Play Store error 907 you should first make sure that the time, date and time zone Settings are correctly configured.

To do this you must enter in Settings > Date & Time

If the values of these elements are incorrectly configured, you must have the options present there to correct them manually.

However, it is recommended that you set the Date & Time options in automatic mode as well as the option for the time zone.

After you have verified and correctly configured these elements it is time to move forward and learn about the different ways in which you can repair Google Play Store error 907.

Reboot your phone

While you might consider restarting your phone as a simple step to fix Google Play Store error 907, this is effective when you have a Google Play Store update issue or try to download an application.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to Settings and then Apps.

In this section, select Google Play Store, which will take you to a screen where you will find the Force stop, Clear cache and Clear data buttons that you will have to press. Do the same with Google Play Framework, Google Play Services and the application you are trying to update.

After completing these steps proceed to turn off the phone, wait about a minute and turn it on.

Open the play store and try again to download or update the application to see if error 907 in Google Play Store has been resolved.

Check Downloader App

Sometimes error 907 in Google Play Store can occur as a result of deactivation of Downloads or Download manager.

To check whether or not the application is enabled, go to Settings and then Apps.

There you should locate the Downloads or Download manager application and click on it.

Once inside you should check if a button with the name Activate appears. If so, you must click on it to activate the application.

After doing this, try again to download the application from the Play Store and check if the Google Play Store error 907 is not shown on the screen.

Uninstall the updates from the play store

In some cases, Google Play Store updates may cause error 907 to appear. This, due to problems in replacing files from the previous version, being this, the reason why it is necessary to uninstall all those Google Play Store updates made so far.

To accomplish this task the first thing you must do is enter in Settings and then in Google Play Store.

Inside this screen you must click on the Uninstall updates button, although, depending on the model of Android phone you have, this option can be hidden, being necessary to click on the 3 vertical points located in the upper right corner of the screen to display it.

After doing this, go to the Play Store and try to download the application you want. In case you are asked to install the Google Play Store update do so and then proceed to download the application.

Transfer or install the applications in the internal storage

In those cases where an SD card has been incorporated into the phone to expand its storage capacity, it is likely that problems will occur during the update of an application if it has been installed in the space provided by the SD card.

In this regard, depending on the application, the update process may conflict with the area where the application is installed, in this case the SD card.

However, this situation can be resolved by applying the following steps:

Enter in Settings and then in Apps.

In this screen, click on the application you are trying to update. Then, within this screen, select the option Move to the Phone to transfer it to the internal storage of the phone.

Once the change is made, go to the Google Play Store and try to update the application again. You may have the option to transfer the application to the SD card after it has been updated. You should consider doing this with every application that is generating the appearance of the Google Play Store error 907 due to this situation.

Unmount/mount the SD card

According to some users unmount/mount the SD card was an effective measure to fix Google Play Store error 907.

To do this you must enter in Settings and then in Storage.

Within this option you have to click on Unmount SD card.

Then click on Mount SD card.

After doing this enter the Google Play Store and try to update the application you want.

Clearing the cache

This is a simple task to perform within the alternatives that exist to repair Google Play Store error 907.

However, in some cases users may still experience problems after performing this action, even causing data loss. If, despite this warning, you still feel comfortable using this option to repair Google Play Store error 907, you may do so at your own risk.

The first thing you should do is turn off your phone or tablet.

Then, press the low volume button and the power button simultaneously.

As soon as you see the screen turn on, release the power button, but keep holding down the low volume button which you will have to lift off your finger when the Android advanced boot menu appears.

In this menu you will have several options from which you must choose the one corresponding to Boot into recovery mode, using the up and down volume buttons to navigate and the power button to select.

After doing this you will see an option called Clear cache partition which you will have to select by pressing the power button.

After a few minutes return to the boot loader and reboot your phone. Then go to Google Play Store and try to update the application to check if the Google Play Store error 907 has been resolved.

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