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ᐈ Error DF BPA 30 on Google Play Store, problem while processing a purchase and how to fix it

The errors on Google Play Store are very common and almost inevitable, despite the stability offered by the Android operative system and the whole and huge staff behind it.

These problems show up as error codes and make us unable to download new apps or even update those we already have, not to mention that there are many kinds and some produce different problems, just like in this case.

If you are receiving an error code called “DF-BPA-30” from the Google Play Store App while trying to install some apps, this is exactly the right post for you to read and fin the so wanted solutions

Especially if you have already installed these applications some time ago and want to use them again. Some users have reported that they tried to install a new app for the first time and it surprisingly worked.

Therefore, if you are one of the users struggling with the error code DF-BPA-30 on Google Play Store, try these proved methods we are suggesting here. The error code df-bpa-30 often occurs when trying to either download or purchase apps and the main reason for this to happen can be a cache collision on your Google Play Store account.

With not much more to add, here are the three proved methods to solve the issues aforementioned. We will guide you with step by step instructions so just sit back, relax and follow along.

Try to install the app once again


If you are getting the error code DF-BPA-30 on Google Play Store when trying to download an app you previously downloaded without any problem, please cancel the download of the application, restart your mobile Android device and then try to re-install the application. If it is not working, please move on to the next method.

Clear all of the cache and data


  • Go to the Settings menu, then search for the Applications tab, tap on it, then on Manage Applications and finally tap on All.
  • Go to Google Play Services Framework and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache to remove all of the data.
  • Go to Google Play Store and Select Clear Data and Clear Cache to remove all the data regarding Google Play Store (same as the step above).
  • If this method is not working either, please try the third and final method.

Remove and re-add your google play store account

  • Go to the Settings menu, then search for the Accounts tab, tap on Google and then tap on Your Account.
  • Go into the Menu and select Remove Account, then Re-Add your account, just like the first time you added it.
  • Now Restart your Android mobile device and try to perform the update or download the app you were trying to in order to check if it worked.

If you still have the error code DF-BPA-30 on Google Play Store after trying all of the three steps, then try following methods:

Try using the flight mode to solve it


  • Set your Android mobile device in Flight Mode just to get rid of all the error messages from the Google Play Store.
  • Go to your Application Manager, then search and tap on the All Apps tab. Go to the very bottom and check that there are no deactivated apps/processes there. If so, activate them.
  • Deactivate Flight Mode to see if everything is working again the way it should.

Update your android operative system (especially if you have a very old version)

If your Android smartphone or tablet has an available system update, do not hesitate and just update it. This actually worked for many of the users having all sorts of problems. When updating your android device, plug in your power adapter so you do not lose battery during the update, as it could take a while.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down until you find the About Phone or About Device tab.
  • Tap on System Update and see if there is one available, if so, then just download it and install it.


Try download and install an older version of the google play app

Sometimes an older version of the Google Play app works better than the one you currently have on your device. So find a different version (either older or newer version) and try to install it.

Install google play on your device as a system app instead of an user app

You will need to root your device in order to try this method. Therefore, you would be doing this at your own risk. If your Google Play is currently installed as an user app, try to install it as a system app instead. There is an app that helps you to change it easily and is called “/system/app mover”.

There are many ways to root an Android device and the process is quite long, so please take your time searching and investigating about the most comfortable and trustful way for you to do it as it is very important and could compromise your Android device.

Download and install a different market application to replace the google play store

There are many different Android market apps for you to try out. If none of the provided methods worked for you, try to find and use a different market app, just Google “Google Play Store alternatives” and you will have all the needed information including the links to download them.


Perform a factory reset on your android device

If you do not enjoy using other market apps, the next and only solution left is to perform factory reset on your Android device. This is the final solution, as performing a factory reset on your android device will remove everything from it including pictures, music, documents, messages, the browser history, and all other kind of data. So, make a backup first either on your computer or through an app, as there are many available out there.

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