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Error retrieving information from server on Google Play Store

Some of the errors on Google Play Store are very common and inevitable, despite the Android operating system being one of the most reliable and associated with many different brands. These problems often appear as error codes and make us unable to download new apps or even update those we already have.

Nevertheless, there are problems generated by messing with the default settings. This is the case of the “Error retrieving information from server” message within the Google Play Store app, which does not allow you to download applications.

Another reason for this error to show up could be a problem with Google Play Services, although this is unlikely. Fortunately, the solution is actually simple. All you need to do is to clear the data and use the Force Stop option on the Google Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Play Services Framework app, one by one.

How to execute the force stop option and clear the data


  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Tap on Applications or Applications Manager.
  • Tap on Google Play Store.
  • Select the Clear Data option. Then select the Force Stop option on the same screen. Accept the warning message that will appear.

You have to do this for the three applications aforementioned: Google Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Play Services Framework.

Remove your google account and add it again


You can also try to fix the problem by deleting your Google account. To do this go to the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the Accounts tab, tap on Google, select the main account and then tap on Remove account.

Restart your Android mobile device and add your account again through the Accounts tab, select the Add account option and then tap on Google, after doing this just follow the instructions.

These methods are not only useful to fix the problem we are talking about, but also other common errors that appear in the Google Play Store, such as those of the “Error code XXX” type, which also do not allow you to download any apps or games.

In order to avoid having future problems with your Android mobile device, you must be aware of your actions within the smartphone. Particularly speaking when you deactivate apps such as the Google Play Store or Google Play Services.

If you reactivate them again it is very possible that this error preventing you from downloading apps and games persists.

Google servers being down


Another reason for this error to happen is a crash on the Google Play Store or on the Google servers. This is unlikely to be the case, but if so, you can easily find out by doing a search on Twitter with the keyword “Google” or “Play Store”.

This should show you results from multiple people with the same problem at the same time, which would confirm that it is not a particular problem of your mobile device or your Google account. The company should be able to solve the problem in a matter of minutes or hours at most.

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