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How to Identify and fix the Error Code 944

The problems within the Google Play Store are common and especially annoying, and for those users who are tired of them, they represent a giant pain when trying to download or update any application or game. Sometimes they can be hard to fix, and sometimes it is possible to find a solution by just following a few steps.

Recently, a new one error code has been haunting Android device users, the so called error 944 affects the downloads of both new applications and updates.

It is not as ordinary as others that pop up more often and to most of the users, but we can assure that it is as uncomfortable and gives problems in the same way, but that is no excuse for you to give up and try not to get rid of it.

After reading several blogs and investigate about this particular error code by consulting several experts on the problem, there are many hypotheses about it, and because of this, it has been associated with:

  • Absence or bad reception of internet (WiFi or mobile data).
  • Synchronization problems of the account associated with the service.
  • Google Play servers being down or offline.

Nevertheless, the only aspect confirmed is that due to this error many of the Android users are stuck without being able to download any apps or update the ones they already have. Since the source of the problem has not been established, it is very possible that there is not a single way to solve it.

Therefore, we will show and guide you through different ways to find a solution so that you can continue enjoying the operative system as if nothing had happened:

Have patience and try again later, it could be just a server problem


If it is indeed a fault of origin (from the Google side), all you can do is be patient and try again a little later. Therefore, before proceeding to change any feature of the Android device configuration, it is worth checking the servers link, where it is possible to determine the status of Google Services.

Check the connections of your android device

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Tap on the Networks tab.
  • Go to the option of Connections and/or Networks.

In case you are not in a corporate network, remove the VPN options and configure them again.

Check if there are any software updates available and download them


Check for any updates for the operative system, as this can solve download-related problems as well as many other on your device.

Deactivate and then activate again the google play services and the google play store

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Search for the Applications tab, then tap on it.
  • While in the tabs, look for the All option, then tap it.
  • Search for Google Play Store.
  • Proceed to activate the app if it was deactivate, if not, deactivate it and then activate it again. Then do the same with the Google Play Services app.

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