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While downloading and updating an application are simple actions to perform from the Google Play Store on Android, sometimes these can be interrupted by the presence of bugs or irregularities from the store, among them error 110.

Know what this is about and discover the different alternatives that exist to fix Google Play Store error 110 definitively.

Causes of Google Play Store Error 110

There are several reasons why Google Play Store error 110 occurs when trying to download or update an application, being these the main ones:

  • Hardware compatibility issues.
  • Android version compatibility issues.
  • ROM customization.
  • Internet connection failures.

In the case of the custom ROM, it is important to note that this action is one of the most likely to cause your device to suffer from Google Play Store error 110 compared to the other causes mentioned. This can be evidenced mostly in those devices that have updated their Android system to a more recent version.


For example, those users who originally installed on their device the Android KitKat version 4.4 and have updated to version 5.0 Lollipop would be more likely to find this situation as a result of compatibility problems between the hardware of your device with the recent Android version.

How to fix Google Play Store error 110?

Taking into account the different causes of Google Play Store error 110, we have established some strategies that could give a possible solution to this problem in a definitive way.

It is necessary to mention that not all of them take effect at the first attempt so you will have to try each of the proposed solutions until you find the one that can eradicate Google Play Store error 110 from your device definitively.

Refresh Google Play Store

As a first step to repair the Google Play Store error 110 is to empty the cache and store data. This action will return Google Play Store to its default stage. To do this you will need to apply the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings, then Apps/Apps & notification and then Google Play Store
  2. Once inside you must press the Force stop button.
  3. Then click on the Clear cache and Clear data buttons to delete the temporary files stored there. In some versions of Android these buttons can be hidden inside the Storage option of Google Play Store.
  4. Repeat the procedure described above, but this time with the Google Play Services application.

After successfully completing this task, go to the Google Play Store and try to download or update the application to see if error 110 has been fixed.

You can also try to uninstall the latest version of the Google Play Store. Just enter Google Play Store following the instructions described above and click on the icon located on the top right corner of your device screen to display the Uninstall updates option and press it to execute this action.

Use the Access root folder

One element present in all Android phones is the file manager, although, this prevents users from accessing the root folder, making it necessary to use a special tool that allows access to this area of the Android system.

You can find this type of application in Google Play Store, where, once installed, you must apply the following steps to repair Google Play Store error 110:

Go to the directory of the SD card and then to the “data/data” folder. There you will find all the files and folders corresponding to the applications that have been installed, as well as those that have been tried to be installed in the device. All you have to do is find the file or folder of the application that caused error 110 and delete it.

After doing this, go to the Google Play Store and try to download or update the application again.

Installing the application from an unknown source

An effective method to fix Google Play Store error 110 is by installing the APK file of the application you want to download or update.

Pages such as APK Mirror are a reliable source for obtaining APK files from a wide variety of applications where you only need to place the name of the application you want to find in the search bar and download it, making sure you get the latest version of its APK file.

Note that before you do this, you’ll need to enable the option on your Android device to allow installation of applications from unknown sources.

To do this you must go to Settings and then Security where you will find the option Unknown sources that you must check to enable it in order to make your device allow the installation of the APK file of the application you want to install or update.

Reboot the device to its factory status

If you have tried all the alternatives described above to repair Google Play Store error 110 without success, then you will need to consider resetting your phone to its factory default state.

However, before performing this procedure, you should make a backup of the files and data stored on the device. This is because performing this process will not only remove Google Play Store error 110, but also the data and files you have stored on the device.

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