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When it comes to Android, downloading or updating applications is one of the most common tasks performed by users of this platform, and Google Play Store is the appropriate medium for this.

However, there are situations that can cause failures when trying any of these actions, being one of the most common error 924 of Google Play Store.

Find out what the causes are for its appearance, as well as the different methods that exist for repairing it and recovering normality in the application downloading and updating processes.

Google Play Store error 924: Causes

Taking into consideration the numerous reports made by users, as well as the strategies applied to solve them, it has been possible to deduce the different causes that may lead to the appearance of this particular error.

Download blocked by the security system

This problem is likely to occur when the user has some security software activated on the mobile device.

The presence of security software on the mobile device prevents the user to have access to applications or other devices.

Power-saving mode enabled

Another cause of Google Play Store error 924 is related to the activation of power-saving mode on the mobile device.

Many of the users whose devices suffered from this error said that they were able to resolve it after disabling the power-saving mode.

Damage to Google Play Store cache

There are times when data stored in the Google Play Store cache may interfere with the operation of the application as a result of data corruption.

One of the ways that users were able to resolve this error was by setting their device to default settings.

How do I fix Google Play Store error 924?

Having determined the various causes of Google Play Store error 924, it’s time to explain the various strategies you can use to resolve it.

Restarting your phone

This is one of the easiest solutions available to fix error 924 in the Google Play Store.

Most problems with running an application are usually resolved by the time the mobile device’s system is rebooted.

When this happens, the phone’s memory is refreshed, causing data from recently used applications to be deleted.

Simply press and hold the power button until the restart option is activated on the screen, which you must press to return your mobile device’s system to its initial state so you can try to resume downloading or updating the application.

Remove data from Google Play Store cache

Cache data are temporary files that store an application’s preferences to facilitate faster loading of tasks executed by this.

However, there may be a situation where the cache data becomes corrupted, causing Google Play Store error 924 to occur when you attempt to download an application.

Many users have reported that they were able to resolve this issue after they deleted data from the Google Play Store cache.

To do this, you must go to the device Settings section and click on Manage apps/Apps.

Within the list of applications that appear there, click on the one corresponding to the Google Play Store.

If your phone has multiple tabs, tap All in the application settings to find the Google Play Store.

Once you’ve accessed the Google Play Store options, tap the one labeled Storage.

Then press Clear data and Clear cache to completely delete the files generated temporarily in the Google Play Store.

When the process is complete, restart the phone and try downloading the application again.

Uninstall Google Play Store updates

When it comes to updates, they are always a necessary measure to optimize the performance of an application and improve its operation.

However, upgrades can cause problems when they are not performed correctly, causing some application files to remain unrefreshed during the upgrade process.

In this situation the most appropriate solution to fix Google Play Store error 924 is to uninstall the updates for this application through the following steps:

Go to the Settings section on your phone and click Manage Apps/Apps.

There you’ll find a list of the applications installed on your device. Press the one that corresponds to the Google Play Store.

You will see a button called Uninstall updates, which you must press to start the uninstall process.

After a few minutes of waiting, go to the Google Play Store and try to download the application again.

Disable the battery saving mode option

One of the causes for the appearance of the Google Play Store error 924 is when the user has activated the battery saving mode on his mobile device.

By doing this, the phone will be kept in a state where it will use its resources at a minimum in order to reduce the battery consumption as much as possible.

This way, applications running in the background will be closed and the main tasks will be executed using the necessary files.

An alternative that many users resorted to in order to repair Google Play Store error 924 was to turn off the battery saving mode.

The first thing you will need to do is slide your finger from the top of your device screen to reveal the quick menu hidden there and then click on the battery saving icon.

If you do not have this option in your phone’s quick menu, go to the Settings section.

Once inside, locate the Battery & performance option and click on it to enter.

In the case of some devices, the option may appear as Battery with the energy saving mode within its options.

Then click on Battery optimization and then on Battery saver.

When you get there, slide the switch next to the Battery saver option from blue to gray to turn it off.

After doing this go to the Google Play Store and try to download the application.

Removing security software on your phone

If you have security software installed on your phone, it is likely that this is one of the causes of Google Play Store error 924.

In this regard, security software can sometimes block files from the Internet or other devices as a protection mechanism to prevent malicious files from infecting your mobile device system.

While this can help maintain the integrity of your phone, it can be counterproductive when downloading an application from the Google Play Store.

To resolve this, you’ll have no choice but to remove your phone’s security software through the following steps:

Log in to your phone’s Settings section, then click Manage Apps/Apps.

Within the list of applications displayed there, click on the one corresponding to the security software.

If you have multiple tabs within the application settings, press All.

Then click Uninstall and then OK to start uninstalling the security software from the phone.

After finishing the procedure, go to the Google Play Store and try to download the application.

Bringing the phone to its factory configuration

The last option to fix Google Play Store error 924 is to reset the phone to its default factory settings.

This way all changes made by the user to the phone’s system up to that point will be reversed, causing the phone to return to its initial state when purchased.

Many times, users resort to this alternative after unsuccessfully trying the other measures proposed above. This is why this reason is the last option to repair Google Play Store error 924 definitively. In order to do so, you must complete the following steps:

Go to the Settings section of your smartphone and select the Additional Settings option. If this option is not available on your smartphone model, please do the following:

In the Settings section, locate the Backup & Reset option and click on it.

Then click on the Factory reset option and then press OK to confirm the action, a process that will take a few minutes and will be completed when the phone has been rebooted.

Once your device has been reset to factory status, enter the Google Play Store application and enter the data to start the process of setting up your Google account in the Android virtual store. After completing the steps successfully, proceed to download the application back to your phone.

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