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When it comes to Acer, most people associate its name with the manufacture of notebooks and desktop computers, which are among the most prestigious and efficient equipment on the market.

That is why it is curious to know that Acer has a section dedicated to the manufacture of smartphones and tablets, which had been the subject of ignorance by many users.

However, those who have had the opportunity to acquire a smartphone or tablet Acer are aware of the great quality present in its manufacture and functioning, which, makes these devices, products to be taken into account in the market.

google play store for acer

Google Play Store on Acer smartphones

Within the smartphone section Acer currently has 3 models:

  • Liquid Jade
  • Liquid Z
  • Liquid M

Within the category of tablets, Acer has a wide variety of models, including the Iconia A1, W4 and W7P that would be preceded by the current Iconia One 7,8 and 10 and the Iconia Tab 8, 8W and 10.

As far as software is concerned, both smartphone models and Acer Tablets run Android systems whose version may vary from one device to another.

For this reason, the user who purchases any of these devices may have the opportunity to access all the benefits offered by Google Play Store, the official store of Android applications.

This application is installed by default on the Android system offering the user a large number of applications available for download on their Acer device.

Google Play Store on Acer tablets

For the development of the tablets that make up the Iconia One and Iconia Tab line, different technical specifications were used which are reflected in their size and functioning, which will influence the user when choosing one of these tablets based on the type of activity to be performed.

In this regard, if you are a video game enthusiast or perform tasks related to graphic design, then the Iconia Tab will be very useful, thanks to its 10.1-inch screen made with the characteristic Gorilla glass.

However, no matter how hard the Gorilla glass may be, the screen will still be sensitive enough to allow anyone to easily draw on it with a normal pen, which could also be used to take notes by hand with a stylus.

And if you’re looking for a medium in which to enjoy the best gaming experience, the Iconia Tab will offer you the best performance in this area, since it has an Nvidia Tegra 250 dual-core processor, enough to even support the installation of the mobile version of Adobe Illustrator, which, as well as the games, you can get through the Play Store.

On the other hand, there is also the Iconia One 7 with features that make it the appropriate complement for those users who want to have a compact device, but with enough capacity to perform tasks in the same way as if they were doing it on a laptop.

It is in this instance where you will be able to realize the importance that Google Play Store has in your device, since, through this store, you will be able to have access to a great variety of tools, like the Microsoft Office package for mobiles with which you will be able to create your documents, as well as visualize and edit Word Office files that have been created in the PC.

Using the Play Store on Acer Smartphones

In case you have a smartphone model Liquid Jade or Liquid Z, its Android system has the capacity to host a large number of applications from Google Play Store and work efficiently thanks to the power of its 4-core processors complemented with optimal graphics features, ideal for running games with moderate graphic demand.

However, the Liquid Jade is not far behind, since it has a 13 Mpx front camera, as well as a 5 Mpx camera, ideal for capturing photos or recording videos that can be published on any of the most popular social networks, which you can get on your device through the Play Store.

How to download Google Play Store on Acer devices?

Generally, any Acer device will come with Google Play Store natively installed on the Android system, however, if it does not appear or has a malfunction that requires reinstallation, then you will need to apply the steps to install Google Play Store on your Acer device.

Important note: Although the Android system is present in almost all Acer mobile devices, in the case of the Acer Liquid M smartphone, unlike the rest, the operating system in which the applications are run is Windows so, the method described below cannot be applied in this model.

However, it is likely that there is an alternative that makes it possible to install Google Play Store on it, but perhaps the most likely is that you give up the idea of doing so and stick to downloading applications from the official Windows store.

That said, the first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Settings application on your Acer smartphone or Tablet and find the Unknown Sources option.

Regularly, the security options can be found in the General tab of your device’s settings.

Once there, you will see a checkbox located next to the Unknown sources option, which you must activate by clicking on it and then proceed to download Play Store on your Acer device.

To carry out the installation of Google Play Store on Acer you must obtain the APK file of this application, which you will find by clicking HERE.

Press the blue button to get the google play store APK file on your Acer device. After the download is complete, a notification will appear on screen in which you must click to open the file.

Once this is done, you will only have to click on the Install button and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen as the installation of Google Play Store is carried out.

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