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Google Play Store: How to fix the Error Code 911

The errors that pop up from Google Play Store when trying to download or update any app or game are very common and, above all, annoying, especially for those users who are tired of dealing with them every day.

Sometimes they can be hard to fix and require a lot of steps and procedures in order to solve them, but sometimes it is also possible to find a solution by just doing a couple of actions in our Android device.

Therefore, if you are an Android operating system user, a Google Play Store error code message may have appeared at some point on your screen. Do not worry about it, since there are millions of users who also experience the same annoying problem.

These errors are very common on Android devices. Here we will talk about one in particular, the Google Play Store error code 911 and the methods to fix it. This error does not let you download any application just like many others.

Due to this error, many of the Android users are stuck without being able to download apps or update the ones they already have. There is more than one single way to fix it and that is exactly what we will show you, if one of the methods does not work, just move on to the next until everything gets solved

Try deleting the data and cache of the google play store app

google play store: how to fix the error code 911

  • Go to the Settings menu, then tap on the Applications tab.
  • Tap on All Applications and search for the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap on the application and in the options that appear, select Clear Cache and then Clear Data.
  • Restart or turn off your Smartphone, turn it on again and open the Google Play Store.

This first method usually fixes the error code 911 on Google Play Store, but if it does not work then try the following:

Restart your android mobile device wi-fi configurations and your router


Turn off and then turn on again the Wi-Fi connection of your Android mobile device, try to download the app again once you have done it in order to identify if it was all just an internet signal error. If you notice that the error persists, restart your Wi-Fi router.

You can also try to use an app like YouTube to test that the internet connection works normally by waiting for the home feed to load.

Use your mobile data to download the app or game


If you still have the problem, or if your internet connection is still weak and your Android mobile device is having trouble trying to access it, then use your Mobile Data to update or download the app.

Keep in mind that your data network services company may overcharge you in case of exceeding the monthly amount of data allowed by your plan, so we recommend to try this method with lightweight apps or updates.

You can also check out for alternatives of the Google Play Store such as UpToDown and ApkPure if you cannot find the app or game you want, there is a large catalog for you to explore and get the most out of your Android mobile device.

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