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ᐈ Google Play Store: How to Get Free Music?

Our mobile phone has become that inseparable friend we never want to be away from, especially since it helps us both professionally and personally. We can work from our smartphone by editing documents, sending mails, communicating and many other possibilities to entertain ourselves and spend time.

We all are victims of the non-physical contact era. When we meet someone we have a hard time taking our eyes off our mobile and it seems curious how being with someone next to us makes us pay attention to the rest of the world rather than those who are next to us.

The network has become our shadow and we need our phone at all times. And for that, the Google Play Store is an indispensable element as well as one of the many great benefits of owning an Android device, since it offers a wide variety of apps and games to choose from.

It is pretty usual to see almost everyone out on the streets with their earphones and headphones on and even moving their bodies to the rhythm of music. Many do not have a music player or just think it is unnecessary if they already have their smartphone with them.

In this case, our smartphone can be the greatest tool if we want to make our moments more enjoyable. If you want to carry your favorite music on your phone without having to use a computer, you should try this compilation of the best free apps to download music on your Android.

Search for free songs inside the google play music app


  • Tap on the Apps icon in the Google Play Music app in order to view the navigation drawer, then select the shop.
  • The Google Play Store app will start, while immediately taking you to the Music part of the store.
  • Make use of the Search icon to help you find music, or just browse throughout the categories.
  • Tap on the Free tab to see the free songs available, or touch the Buy /Price button to purchase a song or album.
  • You will need a credit card or another payment source in order to complete the transaction.

Music you purchase from the Google Play Music Store will be available on any Android device with the Google Play Music app installed if you use the same Google account on that device. You can also listen to your music by going to the site on any computer.

Download apps from the google play store in order to get paid songs for free

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Swift Downloader is a free app that allows you to download music to your Android device. You can also download videos and even movies with it. It is an application that is very easy to use and that has the torrent and cloud so you can find music and movies.

AT Player is another app from the Google Play Store that appears by the name of Free Music Player YouTube and it allows you to download music and play it in the same app. A wonderful combo to have a musical all-in-one. Even though it includes a lot of advertising.

The AUP application has a very special feature, and it is that apart from using it as an app from which you can search and download music in many different formats, it is also possible to use it as an anonymous browser on your Android device.

JRY is an app to download free music, quite similar to the previous one, both in features and in interface. It allows you to download your favorite songs and play it on your Android mobile device. It also allows you to download both music and video in different formats.

SnapTube allows you to search, find and download music appearing in YouTube videos. Once you look for the video of the song you want to download, you can choose the format and listen to it on your Android device without any restrictions and without subscribing to any paid service.

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