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ᐈ How to download the ApkPure app on Windows

The parallel path that Android offer us to install apps on very different ways is probably one of the best features of said operative system, not being forced to use the Google Play Store is a huge advantage for both users and developers.

But It also carries risks because we expose ourselves to get infected with viruses through the apps we download. So, how can we safely install an application using Apk files?

An Apk is the installable file of an Android application. This type of files can be installed from the mobile itself by previously activating the installation from unknown sources.

All you have to do is download the file into your smartphone, tap on it, accept the unknown sources through the Options menu and that’s pretty much it!

You will have the app on your phone just as if you had downloaded it ‘’officially’’ using the Google Play Store. This an easy procedure to execute from your mobile, but you can also install Apk apps from your computer.

In the latter case you have two options, one being the official one, through the ADB software, or with third-party tools, such as ApkPure.

This simple method is very practical to avoid downloading the files on your mobile and also install them manually, so you can be able to do it from your computer and therefore simplify the process.

Besides, the software developed by ApkPure (which is the one we recommend) lets you install all the apps in Apk files but also the OBB files, which saves you a lot of complications.

Download the apkpure program on windows and install all of your apps easier and faster on your mobile

This program is completely safe and works without complications since it does not add superfluous options, all you have to do is open the ApkPure installer, locate the file in Apk or XAPK, click on install and that’s it. In just a few minutes you will have your app or game on your mobile and ready to use.


To carry out the whole process and have the installer ready to run all the Aks or XAPKs, you need to do the following:

  • Download the installer for your computer and install it (it is only valid for Windows).
  • Enable the developer options on your Android mobile by tapping the build number 10 times.
  • Go into the developer options and activate the USB Debugging option.
  • Connect your device to the computer with the USB cable and accept the RSA key on the screen of your Android.
  • Open the ApkPure installer on your computer and locate the Apk or XAPK file you want to install.


The installer offers you the option of installing files in the internal storage or in the SD. It is recommended to leave it on automatic. Besides, you can check the Apks before installing them and see if they are the latest version available. Keep these options checked or unchecked in the top menu of the installer.


Click on Install and ApkPure will install the applications on your mobile device. If you are installing an app in XAPK file, the installer will also save the OBB game files so you do not have to download any extra files in order to play the game.


This method is extremely simple and saves you a lot of work, especially when the game has a big size and thus comes with OBB files in the XAPK. It is much more comfortable and simple to download the large Apks to your computer and then install them directly without having to upload the files to your Android and run them from there.

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