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ᐈ How to fix download pending error on Google Play Store

The Google Play Store pending download is one of the errors that may occur when installing a particular application on our Android device.

This situation can also occur when updating an existing application, either to improve its functioning or extend its functionality.

For this reason, the following post presents you with a set of  alternatives that will help you solve this problem  in the best possible way and be able to resume downloading normally.

How to fix download pending error on Google Play Store?

resolve how to fix download pending error on google play store

You must take into consideration that each of these alternatives are not necessarily effective in all cases so you must try until some of them can successfully fix Google Play Store pending download error.

Check current downloads and updates

Many times, when there is a Google Play Store pending download error this may be caused by updates carried out by other applications at that time.

This can also occur if you download multiple applications or some whose installation occupies a large space on your Android device.

For this type of situation, the most advisable thing is to follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play and click on the icon of 3 horizontal stripes to access the menu.
  • Once there, click on the My apps and games option where all those applications that are being downloaded or updated at the moment will be shown.
  • Click on the X next to the application whose download process you want to cancel and check if the pending downloads have resumed their course.

Check your connection

Although it may seem something simple, a bad internet connection may cause the Google Play Store pending download error to appear.

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, to discard this event, proceed to use the browser to access a website from the PC and observe its reaction.

If it executes the action, but at a low browsing speed, then it restarts the modem. Otherwise, if it works correctly and the Google Play Store keeps saying download pending, then it changes to the Android device data plan.

If by doing this the pending download resumes its course then the bug will have been fixed.

Check your connection fix download pending on Google Play Store

Check the storage and the SD card

The storage capacity of the device as well as the storage cards are other problems attributed to the Google Play Store’s pending download.

Generally, if there is no space on the device to perform the installation a notification is activated indicating this situation.

But if this doesn’t happen and you think this might be the reason why the Google Play Store keeps saying download pending, then you should check it manually by clicking on the Settings icon and then on the Storage option.

If you do notice that there is little space left in your device to add a new application, then remove those apps that you are not using.

You may also need to delete media files such as photos or videos, but make sure they are backed up.

If after doing this you still see the Google Play Store stuck on download pending it is likely that the SD card is broken.

In that case you will have to cancel the process, change the card for a new one and retry the download.

Check your storage and SD card How to fix download pending on Google Play Store

Restarting the device

If you have a stable internet connection and your Android device still has a Google Play Store download pending, then simply try rebooting your system.

To do this you just need to keep pressing the power button until the restart option appears on the screen of your Android device and click on it to run it.

Using your browser to download applications

Another way you can fix the Google Play Store pending download is by going through the browser on your Android device.

To do this, simply go to the official Google Play Store site and sign in with your Google Account.

After allowing you access, enter the name of the application you want to download in the Google Play search bar to start its crawl and activate the download process when it has been found.

You may need to re-enter your Google Account password to start the download process.

You’ll then see a drop-down list of devices, from which you’ll need to choose the device associated with your Google Account.

Remove data and cache from the Google Play Store

If, even after trying the steps described above, the Google Play Store download error persists, the next alternative to try is to remove the cache and data.

To do this you must go to Settings and then click on Applications where you must look for the Google Play icon and click on it (For Samsung devices series A enter Settings > Applications and notifications > All applications > Google Play Store)

Once inside you will see in the lower part several options, of which, you will have to click on the one that says Storage.

When you enter this option, two buttons will appear: Delete cache and Delete data. Click on both to remove the information associated with these elements.

After finishing the process, restart your Android device, which should solve the Google Play Store pending download problem.

Clear the cache and data from the Google Play Services application

In case the above method did not work to repair the Google Play Store downloadpending then return to the Applications option (All Applications in Samsung Series A).

In the displayed applications click on Google Play Services and then select the Storage option.

When you enter here click the Delete cache button to free this element of all the information present there.

After finishing this action restart your device and check that the pending download has been resolved.

Remove data and cache from the Google Play Store Pending error

Change your Google Account

Another method to fix the Google Play Store pending download involves replacing or removing the Google Account associated with the store.

To do this, go to Settings and then click Accounts and Sync where your Google Account will appear.

Click on it and select the option Delete account and then proceed to restart your Android device.

Once the system is ready, go back to Accounts and Sync and click Add Account.

Once there you will have the opportunity to insert your account again or add a new one.

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