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ᐈ How to get Google Play Books for PC?

Reading is an activity that many people find pleasurable, since it not only allows them to relax, but also enrich their minds and stimulate their imagination thanks to the variety of titles they can find in different genres.

When it comes to eBooks, Google Play Books is an ideal source for Android users to access a wide variety of titles, which can be purchased either for a fee or for free.

However, there are times when people want to read Google Play Books from their PC, but do not have the tools to do so. In this post you will learn how to get Google Play Books on your PC to access your favorite books from there.

How to get Google Play Books for PC?

To fulfill your desire to read books from Google Play Books on the PC there are different alternatives that will help you achieve this purpose.

Google Play Books for PC with the browser

Considering that Google does not provide a tool that allows the user to obtain Google Play Books for PC as Amazon does with the Kindle for PC, the books corresponding to this store cannot be downloaded directly to the PC.

However, it is possible to read Google Play Books from the browser. To do so, you must enter the following link, in which you will then have to click on the Store icon, which will take you to an extensive catalogue of available titles, among which there will be some that are paid for and others that you can download for free.

All these books can be read directly in the browser. After you have opened the book in reading mode in the browser you will see some arrows located in the lower right corner that when pressed will allow you to turn the pages.

After you have established an extensive list of books of your preference these will appear added in the column “My Library” in which later you can access and click on the cover of the book you want to read.

In addition to this, you can upload other books in EPUB format to your computer and then read them. Just go to your personal collection of books stored within google play books and click on the Uploads icon located on the upper right side.

After doing this, a window will appear in which you will have to select or drag those eBooks that are of your interest so that they can be added to the library together with the rest of the books that you have purchased.

Google Play Books for PC with Adobe Digital Editions app

Another way in which you can get Google Play Books for PC is through eReader applications whose installation will allow you to read all the books downloaded from Google Play Books without the need to be connected to the internet.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to Google Play Books and then go to your book collection.

Select any of the books you have there and go to the information page where you should click on the option How to read.

Then go to the bottom of this page where you will find two options available: Download EPUB or Download PDF. You must select one of them to start the process of downloading the eBook.

After downloading you will have obtained an .acsm file of the eBook which, due to its format, you cannot open to read directly. For this you will need the help of the eReader Adobe Digital Editions tool which you can obtain through the following procedure:

To start, click HERE to download the Adobe Digital Editions installation file and then click on it to start its installation on your computer. It is likely that when you first start the program you will be asked to enter an adobe ID.

If not, you will have to enter the Help option and then click on Authorize computer to start the process manually.

After doing this, a window will appear in which you will have to insert the adobe ID and the password.

If you don’t have an adobe ID don’t worry, you can create one by clicking on the Create an adobe ID option.

after having placed the requested data click on the Authorize option so that these are accepted and linked to your PC.

Then, from the Adobe Digital Editions interface click on the option to open the acsm file you got from the eBook download.

When you have located the acsm file click on it to have the Adobe Digital Editions tool download it automatically. This will bring up a window showing the progress of the eBook download in the format you previously selected in the download from Google Play Books.

After the download process has been completed you will be ready to read the downloaded eBook from your computer with Adobe Digital Editions.

Google Play Books for PC with any eReader

In case you no longer feel comfortable reading eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions you can have the opportunity to download other eReader applications that will provide the same reading experience.

However, before replacing adobe digital edition with another eReader tool you should proceed to remove the DRMs to which the books you downloaded with ADE are subject. This is because DRMs are a restriction under which you can only read google books that you have purchased from adobe digital edition.

After you have removed the DRMs associated with the books from Google Play Books you will have the opportunity to transfer them to another computer and read them from there.

To download the DRM removal tool click on any of the buttons corresponding to your PC’s operating system



After getting the file on your PC click on it to start the installation process. After successfully installing the DRM removal tool open the program and load your Google Play Books to the program’s book list where you only have to drag and drop the eBooks you want from left to right.

This will remove the DRM from the book quickly and easily. Once decrypted, the books will be listed to the left. Then click on the book with the right mouse button and select the option Explore output folder which will take you to the directory in which the decrypted book is stored.

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