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OGYouTube apk 2020: Features, Description and how to download it.

The OGYouTube app is very easy to use, and it looks just like the official YouTube app with just a couple of minor changes. You will be able to download all the YouTube videos of any quality you want on your smartphone with just a single app.

One of the best, if not the best, new feature in OGYouTube is the background option which allows the user to play music or videos in the background while using Facebook or any other app of their preference. It also has no adds at all. The current size of the app is barely 45 MB.

All of the downloaded videos will automatically be saved in the phone’s internal storage. After downloading the app, you can even sign in to your official YouTube account without worrying about being banned or getting warnings for it.

The OGYouTube app counts with nearly 5 million users, all of them feeling happy and glad to be able to use this wonderful app with such incredible features. It is probably the best-modded version of the official YouTube app.

You can watch the downloaded videos wherever you are and whenever you want to. Keep in mind that it is not available in the Google Play Store. But do not worry, you can get its latest version from this link: OGYOUTUBE APK. You will not need to root your device in order for it to work, since it works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Application Name  OGYoutube
 App Type  Apk
 App Size    45 MB
 Requirement  Android Versions From 2.3
 Rooting  No need
 Users  5 Million
 Last Updated  1 Day Ago
 Name Of The Package
 Latest version   12.10.60-3.5

Remarkable features

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The OGYouTube app latest version brings unique features in comparison with many of the others similar apps. Users are able to download any video of any quality on their smartphones.

  • The inbuilt video downloader is probably the most fantastic and attractive feature of them all. Since it allows the users to download as many YouTube videos of any quality as they want, so they can watch them offline.
  • Its user interface is very natural and smooth, just like that of the official YouTube app.
  • Users are able to directly sign in to their official YouTube account without worrying about being banned or getting warnings for it. This is very useful when it comes to accessing all the subscriptions, video content and more.
  • It allows the user to play music or video in the background while chatting on WhatsApp or using any other application, a feature that even the official YouTube app does not offer up to the date
  • It allows the user to play, pause, go back, forward and more with just one touch while using its background feature.
  • It also offers an off screen mode, allowing its users to listen to YouTube audios offline. Not to mention that this feature saves a great percentage of the phone’s battery. Nevertheless, this option must be enabled in order to start using it.
  • The app comes with a MP3 downloader for those users who are interested in listening to audio instead of watching videos. All you have to do is enable the MP3 format download in the video download section of the app.
  • And last but not least, users are able to download multiple videos at a time. All of them will subsequently be saved on to phone’s internal storage, allowing the user to rename and modify the files later if they want to.

How to download the OGYouTube apk 2020

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First of all, you will need to enable the Unknown Sources option, to do so go to Settings of your Android device and scroll down until you find the Security section, then enable the Unknown Sources option (enabling this will allow you to download third-party apps from internet. After installing the app you can disable it.)


Go to the link previously provided (in case you have not yet) and download the OGYouTube apk file, then tap on it after the download is complete and select the Install option.

After that, the application will finish installing and you can open it from the apps menu or from the same post-installing screen.

The app will ask you to install Micro OG in order to work in the same way as the official YouTube app does, tap on Install and after the process has finished you will be able to enjoy all the amazing features of this app.

OGYouTube apk 2020 for ios

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The OGYouTube app is currently not available on iOS devices, but do not worry, just follow these steps that will guide and enable you to download and install the OGYouTube alternative app on your iOS device through vShare.

Search and download the vShare app, then install it on your iOS device so you can get the OGYouTube app.

Open vShare, search and download the OGYouTube for iOS. After the download is complete, look for vShare in the app menu, open it and tap on the trust option.

Open vShare, search the downloaded OGYouTube app and then tap on the install option. After installing the app just click on it and start enjoying the amazing OGYouTube features on your iOS device.

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