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Your transaction cannot be completed: What is it and how to fix it?

Android’s operating system is a very popular software which is constantly reviewed and supervised in order to get new developments and content, while also improving the performance and default configurations of the mobile device. Nevertheless, even a very solid operating system such as Android can cause error codes to appear. These are almost always solved […]

Google Play Store: How to Reinstall the APP?

When entering into the Google Play Store app, Android users get themselves involved with errors every now and then, wasting a good amount of time trying to get rid of them and understand what is happening while lacking of information needed. Errors on Google Play Store are usually common and pretty much inevitable, these make […]

ᐈ Google Play Store: How to Get Free Music?

Our mobile phone has become that inseparable friend we never want to be away from, especially since it helps us both professionally and personally. We can work from our smartphone by editing documents, sending mails, communicating and many other possibilities to entertain ourselves and spend time. We all are victims of the non-physical contact era. […]

ᐈ Where does Google Play Music store music on Android devices?

Android’s operating system presents a few problems when it comes to apps, games, downloads and even its most simple features like the Google Play Music app. Although this may vary depending on the music player that each Android user selects or the audio files format. Android users can buy songs from the Google Play Store […]

ᐈ How to Update Google Play Store

Among the default applications present on your device’s Android system, the Google Play Store is one of the most important, since through it, users can have the opportunity to get the applications they need to provide their device with the functionalities they require to optimize their experience on this platform. In addition to this, Google […]

✺ How to Uninstall Google Play Store on Android

While many users are looking for shortcuts to get Google Play Store on a different device than the one on which this application was originally designed (PC, Amazon Android Tablet, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc.) the truth is that there are also Android users who are looking for a way to get rid of the services of […]

✺ How to Change Google Play Store Region

When it comes to Google Play Store, the official Android app store, there’s no doubt about how simple and intuitive the process of downloading their apps is, allowing you to add functionality to your device. However, you probably haven’t considered the implications that moving to another region would have on this application, in terms of […]