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ᐈ Where does Google Play Music store music on Android devices?

Android’s operating system presents a few problems when it comes to apps, games, downloads and even its most simple features like the Google Play Music app. Although this may vary depending on the music player that each Android user selects or the audio files format.

Android users can buy songs from the Google Play Store and then play those songs on Google Play Music. However, the downloaded music files are hidden within a system folder so that they can only be used on Google Play Music and not on any other Android music player app.

So, where are these Google Play Store music files if you want to rename them or put them in a suitable folder accessible by any music app? Well, after you have bought the music from the Google Play Store, the files must be within the following location: Android / data / / files / music / internal sdcard.

Where does Google Play Music store music on Android devices?

Inside the aforementioned folder, you should be able to see the music files in this 1234.mp3 format. However, you may have to root your Android phone or tablet and then install a “Root Explorer” file manager app before you can access those songs.

After you have done this and found those music files you just bought from the Google Play Store, just move them from the Android data folder to your music folder. Also, be sure to rename the files in order to avoid confusion when playing them in another music player.

In order to save time and avoid annoying processes, you can also simply download the songs to your computer from the Google Play Music library website, since Google allows a maximum of two downloads for each song when downloading from the Google Play Music website.

How to download your google play music files to a computer?


Google Play Music allows us to store up to 10.000 songs in the cloud, and that is why it is highly recommended to download your entire music library to our computers, it is as simple as going to the Google Play Music website, entering your account, and downloading the management tool that appears in the library.

Once you run this management tool, you can choose to download all the songs stored in the Google Play Music cloud to your computer. Have in mind that you are going to need a fiber Internet connection if you have many songs, and that the process could take a few hours.

This is a pretty useful method since you can also listen to it when you don’t have an Internet connection. If you subscribe to Google Play Music, you can also download the songs you get with the subscription to the mobile device as mentioned before.

Nevertheless, note that switching or signing out of your Google accounts will delete any music downloaded from the Google Play Music app on your mobile device. If you are using the Google Play Music web player and signing out of your account, there is no cause for concern as this action does not remove the downloaded music from your mobile device.

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